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Recent Settlements

Our firm handles injuries caused by automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, airplane crashes, swimming pool accidents, gunshot injuries, uber and lyft accidents, and all other types of injuries and accidents. We can address your medical needs: If you can’t afford medical treatment or don’t have health insurance, no problem. We can arrange medical treatment for you with first-rate healthcare providers who will defer payment until we win your injury claim.
$250,000 Settlement

Settled a slow speed motorcycle accident that occurred in an intersection. Our 34 year old client had abrasions that got infected several days after the accident
$155,000 Settlement

16 year old bicyclist hit by slow speed car. Offer was $18,000.
$300,000 Settlement

Parents lost their 8 year old daughter who drowned due to the negligent supervision of the playmate's parents.
$72,500 Settlement

Awarded to our elderly client whose car was T-boned by another car. Offer was $5,000
$100,000 Settlement

15 year old passenger injured while her high school friend was driving. Offer was $20,000
$100,000 Settlement

Woman bitten by a dog. Our client didn’t realize that she could recover a monetary settlement for a dog bite.
$241,586 Settlement

Client had post traumatic stress disorder after being rear ended by a truck.
$180,000 Settlement

Our client was stopped in traffic when another car flipped over and landed onto her car.
$170,000 Settlement

Elderly client who was rear ended by another car. Offer was $20,000
$100,000 Settlement

Client, a pedestrian, hit by a slow speed driver who was looking for a parking spot.
$100,000 Settlement

Client rear ended by a car. The insurance company argued that the impact was a slow speed impact, and that our client’s injuries were pre-existing.
$100,000 Settlement

Awarded to our client, a passenger in a hot air balloon. The balloon made a hard landing and our client sustained a broken ankle.
$150,000 Settlement

5 weeks before our client was rear ended she complained to her doctor of severe shoulder pain. The defense argued that the shoulder injury was not caused by the accident. We still obtained a large settlement.
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